Hampi, India: Entertainment and Restaurants

Because Hampi is a religious centre, drinking alcohol is not allowed. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are not usually available at local restaurants. On the other hand, tourists can still njoy their nights in Hampi by visiting some places that choose to stay open during the late nights. 

Parties at Hampi's Boulder Resort

It is a well known toursit hub in the area. There are some party events and social functions that are open to guests and walk-in tourists. There are band performances, party music and other entertainment. They also serve a variety of cusiines. Those who are already staying at the resort pay less to attend these events. 

 Chillout Bamboo Cafe

It is  open during the late hours. It is a typical restaurant during the day, but at night, there is a wide selection of coctails, beers and other drinks. Sometimes local bands and performing artists are invited to entertain the guests.

Rather than consuming alcohol, travelers can spend their evening by dining at one of the restaurants in Hampa.

Laughing Buddha Restaurant

It is located on the side or Virupapur Gagge and there are matress, cushions and low benches inside. So it is possible to just lie down and sit at east. The continental food is recommended. They also offer Punjabi food.

The Goan Corner

It is a cafe located at the other side of the river and it is really famous among travellers. It is run by a family and it is rather desolated. 

Mango Tree

It is Hampi’s most  famous restaurant. It is located on the banks of river Tungabhadra. The food is recommended and they serve mostly vegetarian food with also some egg related meals. No meat, fish or alcohol is served. There are both table and floor sitting options in the restauarnt. Smoking is not allowed inside which might be a good option for non smokers. 

Garden Paradise

It is behind the line of shops in Hampi Bazaar. It is also located by the banks of the river. The atmosphere is enjoyable and the prices are reasonable. 

Durga Rooftop

It is located next to Virupaksha Temple. It has authentic north Indian cuisine. 

Tom and Jerry

It is a small and comfortable rooftop restaurant located on the east side of the bazaar area. They serve homecooked food and they have a friendly atmosphere. 

All Tribes Coffee Shop

It is a cheap hangout option for travellers. They serve cofee and Indian pastries and sweets. They are also vegan friendly. There are also many activities during the day such as meditation, video screenings and camp fires. 

Prince Restaurant

It is a place with limitied varieties. They offer Indian, Chinese and Continental food and their prices are affordable. 

Venkateshwara Restaurant

It is near the Mango Tree restaurant and located on the main bazaar. It is a small place that serves cheap meals. It is a good option for budget travellers. It is also popular in locals.