Going out in San Pedro Sula: The best bars, clubs and pubs for nightlife

Nightlife in San Pedro Sula comes a close second to La Ceiba’s. The city has several fun bars. One can enjoy a night of bar or club hopping in the Circunvalación and Zona Viva areas, where most of the nightlife venues are concentrated.

Atucun Bar/Pub

Atucun Bar/Pub is located in Calle 3, between Avenidas 18 and 19, just off Circunvalación. The bar is open from Wednesday to Saturday and they serve drink specials with traditional Honduran liquors. Atucun plays a good selection of music and has a cozy vibe.


B412 is a two-storey lounge and dance club which is a favorite venue in San Pedro Sula. It is located in 9a Calle SO at Avenida 16. The second level is an open-air area with views of the city.

Casino Copán

Casino Copán is located in Hotel Copanti. You can enjoy your gin and tonics while playing table classic games like blackjack and roulette.


Hibou is considered the hottest late-night club in the city. It is located at the first floor of the City Mall. The club hosts DJs who spin loud house, salsa, and techno music. The club draws mostly hip 20-something hardcore partygoers who are always dressed to the nines. This is the place to be if you want to go dancing until dawn.

Karaoke Club

Karaoke Club is a popular karaoke place with the locals. It’s located in Zona Viva. Even for non-karaoke fans, one will be surprised and sometimes amused at the quality and range of singers here.


Kawamas Bay is a popular discotheque that plays mostly Latin music. Occasionally, there’s also house, rock, and techno music. Most people who come to Kawama end up on the dance floor most of the night, dancing merengue, punta, and salsa. Weekends are usually busy and packed. The crowd usually gets in by 11 PM and the disco stays open until 5 AM. It is located in Avenida Circunvalación, in between Avenidas 10a and 11a.

 Klein Bohemia

Kleian Bohemia draws mostly the young crowd, the hipsters, and those interested in local and national culture. They play live music most nights of the week. It is located in 7a Calle SO at Avenida 8a.

 La Cava

 La Cava is a favorite hangout place in the city. It is located in Barrio Los Andes, between Calles 2 and 3, at Avenida 16. La Cava plays a good selection of music with live music on some nights, hosts epic karaoke nights, and is usually packed during the weekend. The owner, Jerry, mixes a selection of cocktails for the guests. Patrons are friendly and chatty.

Luca Luca

Luca Luca is a low-key lounge with a relaxing ambiance. It is located in between Calles 8 and 9 at Avenida 15. It can get crowded most nights.

Millenium Disco

Millenium Disco is said to be the classiest disco in San Pedro Sula, located at the end of Barrio Rio Pierdas. It’s busy most Friday and Saturday nights.

The Cube

The Cube is located at 8a Calle SO at Avenida 16. It attracts mostly the younger crowd intent on dancing the night away.