Patra, Greece: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Patra is the capital of Achaia on the Greek peninsula of Peloponnese. It is a port city with both local and international ferries sailing through daily. It can also be reached by plane with regular flights served by Athens International Airport.

Getting Around

Visitors can take van taxis that offer tours of the city for a couple of hours to a few days. This service is by appointment only and for a negotiated price. However, a standard taxi is quite cheap with the minimum fare set at €3.40. Buses operating through intercity lines cost €1.10 per ticket.


A good time to visit Patra is in the spring from March to May, and in the autumn from September to November when the weather is nice. The summer months can be too hot and dry. Most tourists also avoid the end of the year which is the monsoon season.

Tourist Attractions

Patra has two sections called the Old Town at the higher part of the city, and Lower Town below it extending to the port. The Old Town has ancient Roman architecture and monuments with some still in use today like the Roman Odeon. The Medieval Castle of Patra also provides tours and a view of the entire city. On the other hand, the Lower Town has a good concentration of restaurants, shops, parks and cultural centers. Unlike the Old Town, this part of the city is laid out in a grid forming many squares that tourists can visit. The popular ones are Georgiou I Square, Olga’s Square and Psilalonia Square where tourists can find art, culture and nature.