Delphi: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Situated on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus in the valley of Phocis, Delphi is a significant archaeological site and a modern city in Greece. According to myths, Delphi is the place where the two eagles sent by Zeus to find out the center of the earth met and thereby mark the place as the omphalos or 'navel' of the world. The city holds lot of things to do and surely will astonish the visitors mind without any doubt.

thumb Greece Delphi Archaeological Museumthumb Greece Delphi Athina Pronaia Sanctuarythumb Greece Delphi Columns of the Temple of Apollothumb Greece Delphi House of Angelos Sikelianosthumb Greece Delphi Saint Nicolas Churchthumb Greece Delphi The Tholos at the Base of Mount Parnassusthumb Greece Delphi Theatrethumb Greece Delphi Treasury of Athens at Delphi

The remains of Apollo's temple and the Delphi Stadium offer breathtaking views of the valley. The set of five pillars of Apollo's temple is the most popular site in the city. The pillars look like a gazebo, but in reality they are the remains of the temple’s corner section. This site is well preserved and make the visitors feel like walking into the old day as if they were going through a door from one realm to another. 'Pan-Hellenic Sanctuary', believed to be the sacred precinct of god Apollo, is situated in Delphi. The best athletes from around the city gather here once in every four years to compete in the Pythian Games.

The Delphi Archaeological Museum holds an interesting array of collections connected with ancient Delphi, including the earliest known notation of a melody, the famous Charioteer, golden treasures discovered underneath the Sacred Way and remains of reliefs from the Siphnian Treasury. Treasury of the Athenians, Altar of the Chians, Stoa of the Athenians, Theatre, Stadium, Castalian Spring and Tholos, Polygonal Wall are must visit attractions.