Hamburg, Germany: Facts and General Information

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After Berlin, Hamburg is the largest city of Germany. With a population of approximately 1.7 million (much more if suburbs are included), Hamburg is the economic and cultural heart of Northern Germany. Since it is sitting on the river Elbe, it plays a crucial role as a commercial metropolis. The port of Hamburg is one of the most important import/export locations in Germany and welcomes boats and ships from all over the world. It has also many bridges that are built in order to connect both sides of the river. Hamburg is also the third largest musical city of the world after New York and London. Inhabitants of Hamburg enjoy the biggest average living space per each individual among all major cities and capitals of the world.

Having an oceanic climate that passes the maritime air throughout the city makes Hamburg's weather pleasant for tourists and inhabitants. More than 10% of Hamburg is made of green spaces and parks. With many museums and galleries, monuments, shopping and recreational centers, and parks, Hamburg is definitely one of the most beautiful and entertaining cities for tourists who want to explore Germany. You should know that Hamburg is a  modern city with lots of nice places and cheap hotels, so everyone with any budget can enjoy visiting this place.

Many of the city's more traditional buildings were destroyed as a result of World War II and renovation strategies that were executed during 50's and 60's. Therefore, you might want to keep this in mind if discovering traditional architecture of the city is your first priority. As a metropolis, the city attracts and welcomes residents from all over the world. Almost 15% of its population is made of Asian, Turkish, African, and Hispanic races which make this place a multicultural and multilingual city. 

Hamburg is also famous for its diverse events and festivals that are held regularly and attract a lot of population (tourists included). There are festivals for films, museums, music and art, and even a festival for bikers! Hamburg offers a distinctive experience for every tourist. So be sure to check out the city next time you are in Hamburg.

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