Cologne, Germany: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Cologne is located on the Rhine and there is a cable car with panoramic views of the city from the river. Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany and one of the oldest cities in the country too.

The city's impressive Cologne cathedral is the country's second largest religious building. Every year there are thousands of tourists that climb its 533 steps to the top and efforts are rewarded with a good view of Cologne and its surroundings. At the time of its construction in 1880, the Cologne Cathedral was the highest man-made structure in the world.

Cologne is known as the city of churches due to its 12 large churches located within the medieval city walls.

It is also a home to a museum solely for chocolates. The city of Cologne has an array of cultural attractions. It is a home to over 40 museums and more than 110 galleries.

Every July, Cologne hosts Germany's largest high altitude musical firework display known as the "Cologne Lights" (Koelner Lichter). This impressive display and party attract thousands of tourists each year. Aside from having fun, the event focuses on current political issues which are always expressed through the parades' theme.

Cologne has its own beer known as Kolsh. Its name is protected by law so that only beers brewed in and around Koln can bear the name. It is a pale, straw colored beer that is refreshing and sweeter than other German beers.

Cologne's Schildergasse is Germany's most visited shopping boulevard with over 13,280 visitors per hour. It beats Munich's "Kaufingerstrabe" to the top spot. The whole city is known for its many shops and is a haven for anyone who likes to shop.

It is the hometown of Italian expatriate Giovanni Maria Farina, who created a fragrance and named it after the city. "Eau de Cologne" or "Water from Cologne" is still famous around the world and is being produced in Cologne today.

The pub snack "Halve Hahn" has 450 calories. The name Halve Hahn is easily mistaken by other Germans as the word reminds them of Halber Hahn which means half of a chicken. In fact, a Halve Hahn is just a bun with cheese.