Bourges, France: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Bourges is a city in central France located along the Yèvre river. It was the capital of France during the reign of Charles VII, and the city is proud of its glorious past. This is seen in their carefully preserved monuments like the James Coeur Palace, the Gothic-style Saint-Etienne Cathedral—a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Town, and rows of old half-timbered houses. The city hosts the annual Le Printemps de Bourges international music festival, which draws thousands of music fans, artists, and performers from all over the country and the world. Bourges is also one of France’s greenest cities.

Getting around Bourges

Getting around Bourges is easy. You can get there by train from Paris Austerlitz. Since the city centre is small, locals are used to walking, cycling, and driving. To appreciate the charms of Bordeaux, it’s best to explore the city on foot. Buses and taxis are readily available.

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