Bordeaux, France: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Bordeaux in south-western France, is a port city on the banks of the Garonne river. Almost the entire city is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Controlled by the British for 300 years, it is now famous all over the world as the hub of France’s wine-growing region. Bordeaux was once a sleepy city nicknamed “Sleeping Beauty” that has transformed into a tourist destination especially for wine and culinary enthusiasts. Many chateaus and wineries open their doors for day tours. Aside from its world-class fine wines, the city is known for an abundance of well-preserved 18th-19th century mansions in the neoclassical style and the Gothic-style Cathédrale Saint-André.

Getting around Bordeaux

Bordeaux has a high-tech public transport system called Tram et Bus de la CUB (TBC) which operates from 5am to 1 am. There is a boat shuttle on the Garonne river. Taxis are readily available.