Tartu, Estonia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

The university city of Tartu lies on the Emajõgi River and located 186 kilometers southeast of Tallinn. It is the second largest city in Estonia and the oldest city in the Baltic States. It is also considered as the intellectual centre of the country. It is the home of the country's oldest and most renowned university, the University of Tartu. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Tartu. Tartu has the highest pub ceiling in the world, the Gunpowder Cellar with a ceiling of 11 meters high. Tartu has the best attractions and activities to do, bars and clubs, and day trips and outings. There are a lot of cheap places to stay in the city.

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Getting In Tartu: Bus, Train, Plane

Tartu is accessible by bus, by train, and by plane. Buses from Tallinn bus terminal leave almost every 30 minutes from 5:45 in the morning until 11:59 in the evening with 2 and a half hours travel time. Trains from Tallinn train station leave 3-4 times a day with a travel time of more than 2 hours. The distance between Tallinn airport and Tartu is 180 km with a travel time of almost less than an hour.

Getting Around Tartu: Taxi, Bus, Bicycle

For people travelling in Tartu for the first time, it is best to take a taxi to go to a specific destination. There are also buses and other public transportation to get around Tartu. Bus terminal is located at the center. A good way to explore Tartu will be by bicycle and by foot.

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