Zadar, Croatia

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Zadar is one of the largest cities of Croatia, located on the shoreline, in northern Dalmatia. The Old Town, the main attraction of the area, is placed on a peninsula that is surrounded by a road, as the inner city is a pedestrian only area. Like all of the coast, it has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Before the Roman conquest, it was a trading center for an Illyrian tribe. In time it changed owners from Romans to Byzantines, Venetians, Turks or Habsburgs until it became part of modern Croatia in 1991.

Despite being located in the highly visited region of Dalmatia, Zadar is not as crowded as other destinations, such as Split or Dubrovnik. The city has its own airport with seasonal and year-round flights from many European cities. Also, there are bus connections to the rest of Croatia and some cities in Europe, as well as a train connection within the country. A ferry line links Zadar to Ancona, but only in the summer months. Zadar is also, very well connected to the other cities of Croatia by bus, plane or ferry.

Northern Dalmatia offers many opportunities for all types of tourist, from adventurers and nature lovers to families with children. There are four national parks that can be reached easily from Zadar. The city itself is a top pick destination. The many historical sites, festivals and the location in a pedestrian only area make it a great attraction. Also, from the port it is possible to visit the many small islands located just a few kilometers from the mainland shoreline.