Split, Croatia

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Split is the second largest city of the entire Croatia and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia. It is a transportation hub, as it became a transit point for planes, ferries, buses and, even, trains. It is well connected to the other cities of Croatia, as well as to cities in Europe. There are many connections by plane to major airports on the continent, but most of them run only during summer months. Also, there is a ferry line that connects Split to Ancona.

As well as the other main cities of the Croatian coast, Split has a long history that started with a small Greek settlement in the Ancient times. The Roman conquest made it an important center of the Adriatic and, even, became the retirement residence of the Emperor Diocletian. The city was ruled by the Byzantines, Venetian, Turks and Habsburgs, until the formation of Yugoslavia and, in 1991, it became a major center of modern Croatia. 

Although it is a destination itself, especially for nightlife and high class tourism, it, also, represents a main gate for the island tourism of Croatia. In the summer months, visitors use the daily ferries to the islands adjacent to the Dalmatian coast. Also, Split represents a work place for islanders that take the same ferry routes as tourists, making the port of Split a very interesting setting. The beaches surrounding the city are as attractive as anywhere else in Croatia, making Split a vacation resort in the recent years.