Dubrovnik, Croatia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Dubrovnik is one of the main tourist attractions of the Adriatic Sea. Formerly, the capital of the Republic of Ragusa, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it is one of the very few walled cities that are still intact in the world, today. Dubrovnik is located in Dalmatia and it is easily reachable from Europe, or, the rest of Croatia, by plane, car or boat. The number of tourists drawn to the city increases every year.

Today, there are about 500 permanent inhabitants of the city. Most of the properties are, now, turned into hotels, restaurants and tourist offices, thus, in the winter, Dubrovnik is much of an open air museum. In the summer, though, it is as crowded as it can get, as people from all over the world come to visit. 

The city walls, the numerous churches, museums, restaurants and informal eateries, and, most of all, the city's connection to the sea make Dubrovnik a must see destination for any tourist to Croatia. There are many beaches with pristine and clean water. Also, between the 10th of July and 25th of August the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is held. This tradition started in 1949 and artists from all over Croatia, as well as international, perform in concerts, dramas or plays. There are many opportunities for water sports lovers, such as cliff diving, sailing or kayaking.

Dubrovnik is a pedestrian only city in the walled area. However, there are a number of bus lines and taxis for the residential area. The airport is located 22 km away from the city and there is a bus line between the 2. During summertime, there are many seasonal flights to Dubrovnik. Also, there are some ferry lines between the cities along the Croatian coast, as well as between Croatia and Italy