Cres Island, Croatia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

One of the largest islands of the Adriatic, Cres is easily reachable by ferry from Krk, another Croatian island, or, from the mainland Istrian town of Brestova. Also, there is a ferry line between Rijeka and Cres town. Formerly one island, today, Cres and Losinj are separated by a channel built in the Roman times and reconnected by a bridge, in the city of Osor. Along the 250 km of shoreline, many bays, coves and beaches are a delight for tourists. 

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The island of Cres has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Thus, there are many cultural and historical sites across scattered on its territory, from stone engravings to Venetian buildings. As it is a lot less populated than the neighboring Losinj, Cres offers plenty of pristine beaches and solitary spots. Right in the middle of the island there is the Vrana Lake, the fresh water supply for the 2 islands. It is also a tourist attraction.

Besides Cres town, there are a number of other towns and villages located on the shoreline or inland. In Lubenice, formerly one of the most important centers of the archipelago, there are the remnants of the medieval city walls and a number of churches. During the summer, music festivals are held in the town. Beli, a small village, located just above the water, is home to some historical sites from the Roman times and the Middle Ages. It is a great starting point for hiking and mountain trips.

Cres, the administrative center of the island, is one of the oldest tourist attractions of Croatia. The modern marina, the restaurants and the many cultural events held here throughout the year, make it one of the finest destinations of Croatian tourism. Valun and Martinscica are well known for their cuisine and fish delicacies.

There are many accommodation offers on the island, ranging from campings and private apartments to luxury hotels. Beli is recommended for families with children, due to its peaceful surroundings, while Cres town is the main spot for nightlife and vibrant atmosphere. Also, there are properties in every main town of the island, as well as in Losinj.