What To Expect In Guilin, China

It is the tranquil and relaxing backdrop of Guilin that makes it popular among tourists from the nearby parts of China along from those coming from other countries. Every visitor will feel the warm hospitality of the place since the place believes in the power of tourism as they have made it as their leading industry.

thumb Guilin Yao Mountainthumb Longji Terraced Fieldsthumb Temple in Guilinthumb The Li River in Guilinthumb The Reed Flute Cave in Guilin

It has established its reputation for being one of the most spectacular places to visit in the world, based on the experiences even of the most VIPs of visitors, from the emperors of the ancient of days and even up to the poets who travel for added inspiration.

Many agree that the place of Guilin is the sole destination in China that offers the best scenery of mountains and waters that one can find and experience under the heavens. In the top 10 list of destinations in China, the city ranks at fourth place.

On the other hand, its well famed picturesque tourist spot is The Li River which was luckily chosen by the National Geographic Magazine to be included in the list of the top ten water wonders around the globe.

Compared to other cities in China, Guilin is a quaint city with just about 700,000 locals. It can be found at the northeastern part of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the southern part of China. It has a subtropical climate and home to the Kitten Mountain which is the tallest peak found within the area of South China.

Due to its natural beauty, Guilin and its panoramic scenery has been a topic and inspiration for many artistic works for the centuries that passed.

Guilin’s name was taken from the wonderful smell that exudes from the osmanthus tree. The term Gui is the translation for Osmanthus while the term lin has the meaning of forest.