Guangzhou, China: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Guangzhou is known to be the transport and trade center of China. The city formerly known by the name of Canton is a place any visitor or local will surely need to pass to visit other sections of the country. And then of course, it all gets the high buzz when the Chinese New Year comes around as the biggest human migration happens once in a year.

The city is also the venue of the China Export Commodities Fair each time Spring and Autumn comes around. Despite the humid climate of the past, flowers bloom at all times of the year in the place, the reason behind its other name, City of Flowers.

It also has an interesting historical background that many of their old folks believed there were five immortals who rode immortal sheep once arrived in the city.

With it being one of the busiest cities in China, it has become a prime destination for many businessmen from all across the globe. Anyone can expect to explore hundreds of hotel accommodations around the area, strategically located nearby business districts and exhibition centers.

As for things to do, Guangzhou is proud of its ancient temples, particularly the Temple of Six Banyan Trees. Their cuisine is also considered relishing since it is one of the major regional cuisines in the country. They’re known for offering dim sum as breakfast in their well-known local restaurants.

Traffic may not be that pleasant but the good side of it is that it is capable of offering relaxing walking tours to experience Guangzhou on a firsthand experience. Shopping and the nightlife adventures in the city are also a must-try for any traveler.