Beijing, China: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Beijing is more than just a big name in the country of China for being its capital but also serves as one of the most renowned ancient capitals in the globe. It is a destination where the best remnants of the China’s imperial palace history can be found.


Some of its most popular tourist spots include:

The Great Wall of China aside from being the world record holder of having the longest wall ever made has retained its place for being one of the most popular and magnificent sights to see in the world. It treats the visitors to a perfect mix of natural surroundings and the greatness of its architectural feat.


The Ming Tombs are another well visited spot. These are the burial grounds of the 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty along with their empresses, concubines, princes and princesses. The Ming Tombs are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Summer Palace located at Beijing’s northwestern part is the largest and most preserved royal garden in China and in the world. The park has been famed for being one of the most beautiful spots anyone can find in Beijing, China as it continuously gets enhanced with its overall design.

The Temple of Heaven is the holiest of all of the imperial temples found in Beijing. Also recognized by UNESCO for its relics, it renders the perfect package of what could be described as impeccable architecture and landscape.

The Forbidden City which can be found at the core of Beijing used to be the home of 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Any visit to Beijing would not be complete without dropping by in this destination.