China: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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China is always appropriate to be defined as vast, diverse and offers a dynamic sense of adventure. Its leading attractions usually boasts of the country’s rich and antique history starting off from its Great Wall of China, the temples, charming villages in the mountains, and ancient statues. All that any traveler needs to do is wear on a comfortable pair of hiking or walking shoes plus a good supply of food that will keep you through long distances of your travel.

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Modern Chinese culture and spectacular sceneries are also portrayed in the top places around China like Beijing or Shanghai. Any traveler should not miss Tibet’s mountain lakes or even the deserts found within the inner region of Mongolia. Enjoy the fairy tale like pinnacles in Yangshuo and jump on an island hop adventure in Hong Kong. Discover the sand dunes in Gansu apart from trekking the famous Great Wall. Each and every landscape of China will surely beguile anyone at an instant.

China’s local cuisine will make you feel as if you are lavishing on some high end cookbook with dishes that range from sumptuous Peking Ducks, sizzling lamb kebabs, the Sichuan, or even just a simple bowl of Lanzhou noodles.

Overall, discovering the vast place of China can be surely considered as a wild yet diverse ride. It will always be worthwhile unraveling its every offering as it’s like numerous countries all packed into one. Whatever is your interest or purpose in travel, its diversity will remain incomparable and will spoil you with its all natural extravagance.