Canada: Travel/Tourist Information Guide


Canada is the northernmost country in North America, with its southern and western borders being the United States. Canada has ten provinces and three territories, those located at the northern part of the country have a very harsh polar climate and most of the population lives on the south of the country due to better weather conditions. There are two official languages in Canada, English and French, the latter being mostly spoken in the province of Quebec. All you have to keep in mind when carrying out any activity in Canada is the weather and to dress accordingly.

There is plenty to do in Canada, and some of the most common activities are carried out outdoors. There is the possibility of visiting national parks and going out in excursions through trails and canoeing, among many other options. Canada offers the possibility of practicing winter sports such as downhill or cross-country skiing, ice climbing and more. In addition there is the possibility of going hiking and ice skating; ice skating brings up another highly popular sport in Canada which is ice hockey, the national pride of Canadians.

Other than outdoor activities there are many options to carry out in the city, such as visiting museums which enable the possibility of learning its background and history, from ancient times previous to colonialism up to the modern era. There are also many theatres and cinemas where one can attend just about any day of the week in all major cities of the country.

Nightlife in Canada is also quite interesting. There are many bars, restaurants and pubs for people of all ages to attend. These venues offer not only great food and drinks but also many of them offer live concerts for people to get to know local bands and enjoy of a great evening. There are also many clubs for the younger public and the nightlife is quite intense.