Best Things To Do in Recife, Brazil

Recife is an urban city characterized by traditional Brazilian culture and Dutch colonial influences. There are many things to do here even on a cheap budget.


Recife has nice beaches with Boa Viagem as the most popular one. There are many food and souvenir vendors along the beach. Nearby is Pina Beach, which is less crowded. Brasilia Teimosa Beach is the least popular and can be found near the port.


A tour of the city should include a visit to its many historical attractions. Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue was built during the Dutch occupation by Jew immigrants. It is the oldest synagogue in the Americas. The Princesses' Field Palace in Santo Antônio was the state governor's home and was named after the daughters of Emperor Dom Pedro II. Good museums to choose from are Value Museum in Santo Amaro and Recife City Museum in São José, both found in the Center Zone.


Recife has a large theater production. Santa Isabel Theater features very traditional performances, while the Convention Center of the Federal University of Pernambuco has mostly modern performances. Other big theaters in the city are Teatro Apolo, Valdemar de Oliveira Theater and Teatro Hermilo Borba Filho.


The city has a few parks with the largest being Parque 13 de Maio in Boa Vista. Parque Dois Irmãos is large a botanical park in Dois Irmãos that also features a zoo and science museum. Parque das Esculturas has over 90 sculptures by Francisco Brennand. Parque da Jaqueira is good for biking, jogging and enjoying live entertainment on the weekends.


Sports is also a big part of Recife culture. Aside from soccer, the residents are fans of roller hockey of which several local teams are national champions. Major sports matches can be seen at the Arena Pernambuco. Beach sports like volleyball and footvolley is popular  and can be played at Boa Viagem beach.