Manaus, Brazil: Travel/Tourist Guide

Manaus is the largest and capital city of the Amazonas state in northwestern Brazil. It has history as a rubber plantation, and is today a manufacturer of diverse consumer goods and a major shipping port in the Amazon basin. 

Getting There

The Eduardo Gomes International Airport serves the city. There are also international flights to neighboring São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Visitors can also travel by boat through a river cruise on the Amazon river. Bus travel is the most inexpensive way of getting to the city.

Climate and Geography

It has a tropical monsoon climate with August as the driest month. The Amazon has varying landscapes, but Manaus has a few green areas due to urban developments in the city. 


The Manaus Opera House or Teatro Amazonas is a luxurious 19th-century theater. Its façade is comprised of Italian marble and Glasgow ironwork, and the interior has Murano glass chandeliers. There are regular performances here like concerts, plays and art exhibits.

The Museu do Seringal Vila Paraíso is a restored rubber plantation with exhibits that show what life was like for producers back in the day.

The city also has several parks including the Park of Mindú south of the center, Park Sumaúma in the north, Park of Bilhares in the south-central area, and the Adolfe Ducke Forest Reserve. The last is a 10,000-hectare protected area located at the meeting of the Rio Negro and Amazon river.