Ilha do Mosqueiro, Brazil: Travel/Tourist Guide

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Ilha do Mosqueiro is a Brazilian island in the state of Pará. It is located just off the south bank of the Pará river, 42 miles north of Belém. The name of the city is from the Tupinambá word moqueio that refers to the act of smoking fish and meat, a practice that was popular back during the Portuguese colonial era. 

Getting There

Visitors can take an intermunicipal bus to the terminal in the town of Vila in Mosqueiro. There are also ferry boats that have trips to the island during weekends and holidays.

Climate and Geography

Mosqueiro has a tropical climate with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Rainfall is highest in March and the driest month is November. The island has many beaches and forest areas.


The Sebastião Rabelo de Oliveira Bridge is an icon of the island. It is 1,430 miles long and connects Mosqueiro to the Brazil mainland. 

Chapéu Virado on avenues 16 de novembro and Beira Mar is a historical building that used to be an inn and restaurant. It is now a beautiful hotel that is a reminder of the island's past as a rubber plantation.

Capelinha do Sagrado Coração de Jesus, also on Chapéu Virado plaza, is an early 20th-century chapel that showcases old colonial architecture.

Nearby is Villa Porto Franco is a beautiful neoclassical building that was the residence of the artist José Franco.

The Parque Municipal da Ilha de Mosqueiro is a 190-hectare municipal park that is a popular ecotourism spot.