Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Travel/Tourist Guide

Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Bus terminalBelo Horizonte, Brazil: Entering the cityBelo Horizonte, Brazil: Palácio das ArtesBelo Horizonte, Brazil: Building in PampulhaBelo Horizonte, Brazil: Arrowroot Carlos Drummond de Andrade in Pampulha

Belo Horizonte, which translates to "Beautiful Horizon" in Portuguese, is the capital of the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. It is located on a wide plateau surrounded by the Serra do Curral del Rey that forms the horizon it is named after. Also known as Beagá from the pronunciation of its initials, it is a century-old city with a large population. Many travellers may skip the city because it does not offer beaches or a large Carnival, but it still has a good social life due the thousands of bars there.

Getting There

There are two airports for Belo Horizonte. Arrowroot Carlos Drummond de Andrade in Pampulha has domestic flights while Aeroporto Internacional Tancredo Neves in Confins has flights from major cities in North America, Europe and the rest of Brazil. 

There is also a long-distance bus terminal rodoviária downtown on Av. Afonso Pena. The travel time is 7 to 10 hours from other major Brazilian capitals.


Belo Horizonte is in the tropical zone and located 300 kilometers away from the sea. It has a climate between tropical savanna and humid subtropical. The beginning of the year is the hottest and it becomes the coldest in the middle of the year in July.


Belo Horizonte is surrounded by mountains and forests that comprise the Mangabeiras Park. Many famous architectural icons are found in the city, including the Pampulha area around the lake of the same name. The Palácio das Artes is a cultural complex that has different theaters, galleries and commercial shops. The city features several museums with collections of historical and artistic significance.