Nightlife and entertainment in Cochabamba: Drinking, entertainment and going out to bars, clubs and theaters

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Below are some places that one can visit for drinks and entertainment at night or just relax while having a quiet dinner with friends:

Mandarina Lounge

Mandarina Lounge is located next to Bingo Bahiti and has the ambience of a VIP club floor with small, intimate couches and tables. The place opens at 11:00 pm. and one requires a photo ID with a date and picture in order to get an entry to this club. There is electronic Miami styled dance music and is more alive with activity on Saturdays as compared to Fridays.

Bingo Bahiti

Bingo Bahiti is a casino located near the Recoletta and Avenida America with some unique gambling games as well as two card tables and a computerized roulette game. Smoking is allowed and there are bartenders at hand to order drinks.

Café Fusión

Café Fusión is a cool Italian Café-Bar that is located on Calle España between Ecuador and Mayor Rocha.

It is a great spot to start off a night in the party town of Cochabamba with a great selection of cocktails, wines and very tasty Italian food. The homemade licor de coca and licor de mandarina are very popular and worth trying.


Cerebritos which is located between Colombia and Ecuador on Calle España is a popular hangout amongst the young crowd and is known for the Star Wars décor, rock music, a variety of colorful drinks and a cheap menu for dining.

Disco D´mos

Disco D´mos which offers music from the latino charts as well as Techno and other popular forms of music on special event nights is a great place for dancing.


Dumbo which is located on Av. Heroinas E-0354 and on El Prado 55 is a favorite family restaurant in Bolivia. The main branch that is located on Av. Heroinas has four dining floors and is very popular among the youngsters in Cochabamba as a result of which it is always packed and bustling with activity.


Panchos which is located between España and 25 de Mayo on Calle Mayor Rocha is a bar and a club that is known to play Latin music.


Picasso´s which is located between Equador and Mayor Rocha on Calle España is a nice venue with gaming tables with dice games and a bar.


Marka which is located between España and 25 de Mayo on Calle Ecuador is an open air courtyard that plays electronic music and is open till quite late. The place attracts a mixed crowd and is quite popular.


Lujos is located on Calle Beni and is usually open till sunrise on weekends with a full dance floor. The music played is mostly classics like reggaeton.


Eclipse which is located on Calle España is a nice bar with a variety of cocktails and great service.

Don Corleone

Don Corleone which is located on Calle España between Ecuador and Mayor Rocha is another great place where one can get excellent pizzas at very competitive rates.


Kebbab is located in Las Mil y Una Noches on Avenida Potosi next to Palacio Portales and serves huge cuts of meat roasted on spits. The atmosphere is great and with exotic paintings that depict the One Thousand and One Nights.


Jacaranda which is located on Tadeo Aenque is known to be the best charque joint in Cochabamba. Charque is llama meat that is first dried, then baked in the oven and after that fried to get a very crispy texture. It is served with boiled eggs and yummy choclo which is actually a thick cheese slab.


Persepolis is another great place on Avenida Potosi that serves kebabs and gyros as well as beer.


Casablanca which is located on Calle 25 de Mayo at just half a block distance from Plaza Colon is a very popular place among Bolivians and gringos for the large and varied menu that is quite reasonably-priced. It is also very good for snacks and drinks. They also have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Metropolis Pizza

Metropolis Pizza is located next to the Eclipse on Calle Espana and serves as a great meeting point where one can enjoy playing Cacho which is a Bolivian game with dice and can have a beer or a cocktail and eat a pizza or grab some snacks.

Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo which is located on Av. Uyuni 618 is one of the upscale restaurants in Recoleta offering large portions of delicious local food at quite reasonable prices.


Meihua is located on the southwest corner of Plaza Colon and is a reasonably priced place offering local and Chinese menu at cheap prices.

Bufalo Rodizio

Bufalo Rodizio is a Brazilian churasco style restaurant located on Avenida Oquendo N. 0654 that offers a good selection of delicious freshly grilled meats. This place has a choice of a reasonably priced buffet styled dinner in the evenings.


Paprika which is located on Avenida Ramon Rivero on the corner of Lanza offers a variety of North American dishes as well as International and Bolivian delicacies.


There are many good cinemas in the center of the city around Calle Espana and most of them offer a 2 for 1 deal on Wednesdays. Some of the popular ones are mentioned below:

Cine Center

Cine Center which is located north of Plaza Quintanilla and is accessible by pedestrian tunnel from the Boulevard is the biggest and quite an advanced cinema in Cochabamba. It is known to feature 3D Hollywood movies and has a food court.

Cine Norte


Cine Norte is the next best alternative to Cine Center and it also features 3D movies.


Alliance-Française is located southwest of Plaza Quintanilla on Calle La Paz and Crisostomo Carrillo. Free movies are screened once or twice a week and a brief of their cultural agenda is available either on their notice boards or at many bars and cafes around the city.