Day Trips and Excursions, Sylhet, Bangladesh: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Bisnakandi is a village located in Rustompur Union. It is the meeting spot of Khasi mountain at a single point from both sides. Watching the shallow water and rocks in a sunny day might be a good trip option.


Jaflong is one of the most famous tourist sports in Sylhet. It is located 60 km from Sylhet and the journey takes around two hours to reach Jaflong from Sylhet. It is a scenic spot located nearby the tea gardens. It is located beside the river Mari. Jaflong includes many attractions for travellers such as collection of rolling stones, colorful tribal Khashia life, Khasia Rajbari, Dauki and Piyan River, Tea Garden, Orange and jackfruit gardens and betel leaf.

Greeva Peet – Mahalakshmi Peet

Joinpur is located around 4 km from the Sylhet city and it holds Sri Mahalakshmi Temple. The temple is a very famous attraction for tourists. The temple has an interior that is worth to visit.