Day Trips and Excursions, Rajshahi, Bangladesh: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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It is a temple complex that has number of ancient temples. It is one of the most historical tourist spots in Bangladesh. The temples are built beside a big pond. The temples were built by the Uthia Raj family who came to the area around 16th century.  The temples’ shapes and styles are diverse.


The most attractive one is Maharani’s Palace and there are also some other variety of temples within the complex. Nowadays, the site has been well-preserved. The complex can be explored by walking. Puthia is located 23 km east of the city of Rajshahi so it can be easily reached from there by a richskaw.


Bogra is a city in Rajshahi region that can be reached from Rajshahi approximately in three hours by bus. In order to get to the city center from the bus terminal, a rickshaw can be used. There are some notable places to see in Bogra such as Shatmatta, Mohasthan Musiam, Paharpur, Mahasthangarh and Sariakandi. The most important one is Paharpur which used to be the Biggest monastery at the south of Himalaya. It used to be called Somapuri Vihara. It dates back to the 8th century AD and it has one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Bangladesh. It is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.