Getting There and Around, Rajshahi, Bangladesh: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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There are four ways to arrive Rajshahi which are by plane, bus, train and car. To start with, for air travel,  the primary airport of the city is Shah Makhdum Airport. It is possible to travel to Dhaka and Saidpur with United Airlines on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On the other hand, the schedule changes quickly and sometimes the airport has no service at all. Secondly, it is possible to reach Rajshahi from Dhaka by bus in five hours. There are number of bus services run from to Dhaka. Some of them are air conditioned. In addition, bus services to other major districts are available from the bus terminal. The notable bus services are Greenline Volvo, Hanif Enterprise, NP Elegance, Modern Enterprise, National Travels and Shamoli Paribahan. The next option is by train and there are some luxury intercity services that runs to and from Dhaka every day. The notable services are The Padma Express which has no service on Tuesdays, the Silk City Express which has no service in Sundays and the Dhumketue Express which has no service in Mondays. Lastly, Rajshahi can be easily reached by car which the journey takes five hours from Dhaka depending on the traffic. Rajshahi is located approximately 261 km away from Dhaka and to reach Rajhsha, the famous Jamuna Bridge has to be crossed.

Like in whole Bangladesh, the same transportation options are available also in Rajshahi. The fares are usually cheaper than in Dhaka and also the traffic is a lot quieter than Dhaka and there is hardly any traffic jam.  Firstly, the trains only operate between major cities so there is no metro rail system within the city. Secondly, the most popular transportation option is cycle-rickshaw. They are convenient for short distances. Negotiating the prices beforehand is highly recommended. Women should not be riding alone, especially at night. Next, autorickshaws which are known as CNGs or baby rickshaws are another option and they are the cheapest way to travel long distances. Negotiating the prices beforehand is recommended because drivers rarely use the metres. The last  option is by taxi, which are more comfortable for travelling and more expensive.