Restaurants and Bars, Rajshahi, Bangladesh: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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In Rajshahi, there aren’t much things to do in terms of nightlife. There are three notable bars to go and some restaurants to spend the evening. The notable bars are Middle Lounge, East Lounge and Portojon Bar and Restaurant. The notable restaurants are listed below:

Order’s Up

It is a stylish eatery on the second floor of a shopping complex. It usually attracts college kids. The cafe is decorated with wood and glass panelled interiors. It serves frappe style coffe and snacks like chicken wings and nuggets. Main dishes are also available and there is also an English menu. Snacks start from Tk 100. Opening hours: 11.30 am – 10 pm.  Address: Saheb Bazar Rd, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Bindu Restaurant

The restaurant is located on a busy road and it is just across hotel Dalas International. The restaurant is popular for its breakfast and Bangladeshi meals. They are prepared with a wide choice of fish and meat curries. The menu is Bengali and not very much English is spoken, but they can always help. The main dishes start from Tk 80. Opening hours: 7am – 10pm. Address: Station Rd, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.


It is a cafe and a restaurant that is popular for locals mostly. They have range of coffees, desserts and ice cream. It is also attached to an Indian restaurant. They are popular for their Indian food meals. They also serve some Chinese dishes. There is an English menu. The mains start from Tk 200 and snacks start from Tk 50. Opening hours: 10am – 10 pm (cafe) and noon – 3pm and 6pm – 10pm (restaurant) Address: Saheb Bazar Rd, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.


The cafe and the Chinese eateries are quiet popular but the Bangladeshi restaurant is above all of them. The recommended dish is the kachchi biryani. Main dishes start from Tk 100. Opening hours: 11.30 am – 10 pm. Address: Saheb Bazar Rd, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Rajshahi Mistanno Vander

It is a very famous sweet shop in Rajshahi which is located near Zero Point. The shop offers sweetened yoghurt and a wide selection for traditional Bengali sweets. Sweets start from Tk 30. Opening hours: 7am – 10pm. Address: Saheb Bazar, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.