Dhaka, Bangladesh: Tours and Excursions

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Cox's Bazar


It is located 29 km from Dhaka and it is a good place to take a break from the chaos of Dhaka. It is one of the oldest capitals of Bengal. It has ruins or houses left from the old Hindu and Mughal eras. Also, it is possible to see many of the British-structures.The area is the combination of many villages and towns. They are located nearby each other. A rickshaw can be taken to explore every each of them.The famous sights are Sadarbari which is the Folk-Art and Crafts Museum, Panam City that is a neighborhood which is largely abondoned, Goaldi Mosque which is a small mosque built by Mullah Hisabar Akbar in 1519 CE, Mosque and Tomb of Pir Mohammed Yusuf, Tomb of ultan Ghiyasudding Azam Shah, Panch Pir Dargah and Shiva Shrine. There are frequent bus services which operates from Dhaka to Sonargaon. It is best to return Dhaka before evening.

Cox’s Bazar

It is the world’s longest sea beach and it is the touristic town of Bangladesh. It is located alongside the Sea beach of Blue Sea. The beach is a 120 km golden sand sea beach and it is possible to reach there through motor transport. The hotels and the beach attract a large number of tourists and country’s elite locals. The beach is only crowded a bit in tourist season which lasts from October until March. The best time to visit the place is between April and October. Cox’s Bazar is connected both by air and road with Dhaka. There are daily non-stop flights from Dhaka on United or Regent Airways. The journey usually takes around 60 minutes. From Dhaka, the bus journey takes around 10-12 hours. There are private bus lines which operate from Dhaka which are Greenline, Soudia, Hanif, TR Travels, Shamoli and Amader Baghdad. There are many attractions in Cox’s Bazar such as miles of golden sand, towering cliffs, pagodas, Buddhist temples and seafood. The best activity to do is swimming in the sea or surfing. There are also some fun beach activities to attend.

Cox's BazarCox's BazarCox's BazarLocation of Cox's BazarCox's Bazar


It is located 350 km from Dhaka but definitely worth visiting. It is a large mangrove forest spread across Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is  the largest littoral mangrove belt in the world. The Sundarbans cover an area of 10,500 sq km. It has been a wildlife sanctuary since 1966 and there are now 400 Royal Bengal tigers and about 30,000 spotted deer in the area. Royal Bengal Tigers are the main draw, however it is also possible to spot Saltwater Crocodiles, leopards, King Cobras and Indian Cobras. There are many species of birsts, mammals, insects, reptiles and fishes. There are safaris available from Dhaka. For entrance, a permit will be needed and foreigners can contacts the Joint Secretary. The notable sights in this area are Hiron Point, Tin Kona Island, Dublar Char Island, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Sajnekhali Pakiralaya, Dobanki Watch Tower, Bhagbatpur Crocodile Project, Buridabri, Netidhopani, Kanak and Holiday Island.


For local wildlife, there are some precautions to take. The most potentially dangerous animals on Earth reside within the Sundarbarns and the Sundarbans is the only place left where Bengal Tigers still hunt and kill humans. There are also saltwater crocodiles which inhabit the Sunderbarns and are known to be the largest and most aggressive reptile on Earth. For tourists, the risk is very little but it is better to be cautious.