Dhaka, Bangladesh: Getting Around

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There are plenty of transportation options in Dhaka, however the city suffers from the chaotic traffic that causes an extensive travelling time. The trains only operate between major regional cities and there is no metro rail system in the city. So there are plenty of options but there is a lack of proper public transportation. The first option for transportation is by cycle-rickshaw. They are the most famous form of transport and they are convenient for short distances. For a 15 minutes ride in banani, Baridhara or Gulshan, they charge around Tk 30 to Tk 50. Negotiating the prices beforehand is highly recommended. Cycle-rickhsaws aren’t allowed to use most of the main roads. It is highy recommended that women should not ride alone. The next option is by autorickshaw which are locally known as “CNGs”. They are the cheapest way to travel long distances. For example, an 8 km ride from Old Dhaka to Gulshan costs around Tk 150-230. The drivers don’t use the meters much so it is recommended to negotiate the price beforehand.

 The next option is by taxi, that they are difficult to catch from streets so they needed to be booked. There are a few types of taxis which are yellow, black and white. They all oeprate with meters. For black taxis, the meters starts from Tk 25 but it is recommended to negotiate the price beforehand. Yellow taxis have higher standarts. They are more comfortable but also more expensive. The black and white ones in a poor condition and they lack air conditioning. Next, travelling by bus is also another option. They usually use the main roads but they are always crowded and noisy. It is not recommended much for travellers. On the other hand, there are some buses operate by only taking passengers if there are seats available. A ticket has to be bought in advance. So a cycle-rickshaw, autorickshaw or an air conditioned but or train would be better options in this case.

The next travelling option is by car, however due to the chaotic traffic, driving a car might be not the best option. The signs and rules are often ignored by both drivers and traffic police. For the ones who are insistent to rent a car, there are some options such as Europcar. Next, bicycles are used by locals as a primary form of transport. They can be convenient in the traffic of Dhaka. On the other hand, the roads condition makes it difficult to ride. The last option is by foot and sometimes, walking might be the fastest way to get from somewhere to somewhere. But when considering the hot weather and the long distances, it is not recommended. It might be the best way to travel very short distances. It is recommended to avoid the roads as possible because the roads are dangerous and many drivers usually injure pedestrians. For the ones who have asthma  need to wear a mask due the polluted air by trucks and buses.