Dhaka, Bangladesh: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and it is also the largest city of Bangladesh with the population of nearly 17 million people. It is the cultural and economic hub of the country. It is located in the center of the country and rich in history and culture. It is also known as “the City of Mosques and Muslim”. It is located in a monsoon climate zone. That’s why it is one of the worlds leading rice and jute growing regions. It emerged in the 17th century as  the capital of Bengal in the Mughal Empire. After the indepedence of Bangladesh in 1971, it become one of the fastest growing cities in the world.


The city is famous for the reflection of the Muslim influence on the mosques and historical buildings. Due to its history, the city can be divided into an old an new city. In new city, there are residential and industrial communities while the old part is better for sightseeing. The city holds number of annual cultural events such as Pohela Falgun, Pohela Baishakh and Ekushe Book Fair.

Dhaka is a lively city with the population it has and the chaos is very dominant in the city. It hosts the hightest number of rickshaws in the world which are around 600,000. Therefore, it is known as the Rickshaw Capital of the World. Nowaways, it is developing as a modern city and becoming the country’s industrial, commercial, cultural and educational centre. Winter is the best time to visit Dhaka because the weather is tropical and the weather is hot and humid druing the summer monsoon season. In winters, the humidity is low. The city has a colorful history so it has a wealth of religious and cultural sites such as churches, mosques, temples and monasteries.  The most notable ones are Sadarghat, Lalbagh Fort, Liberation War Musuem, Ahsan Manzil, National Assembly Building, Bara Katra, Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection, Dhakeshwari Temple and many more.