Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Cox’s Bazar is a town, a fishing port and district headquarters in Bangladesh. It is the world’s longest sea beach and it is one of the most touristic towns in Bangladesh. It is located 150 km south of the industrial city, Chittagong. It is aso known as Panowa which means “yellow flower”.  It is located alongside the sea beach of Blue Sea. The beach is a 120 km golden sand sea beach. The area is 8.85 square km. The hotels and the beach attract a large number of tourists and country’s elite locals. The beach is only crowded a bit in tourist season which lasts from October and ends in March.

Cox's BazarCox's BazarCox's BazarCox's BazarSunset in Cox's BazarCox's BazarCox BazarCox Bazar

The name comes from Captain Hiram Cox who was an officer of the British East India Company and later became Governor of Bengal.  The part of the 120 km beach is named differently such as Laboni Beach, Sughandha Beach, Himchari Beach, Inani Beach, Teknaf Beach due to having diversified flora and fauna.