Mendoza, Argentina: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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For wine lovers, Mendoza is a must. It is among the eight "Great Wine Capitals" recognized worldwide with a variety of choices that have won international gold awards for flavor and quality.

Beyond the wine, Mendoza is a city rich in tree-lined streets at the foot of the Andes Mountains. It is a common stopping place between Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires.

Mendoza offers more types of sports in a single location than almost any other place in the world, to include everything from rafting to zip lining and even ice climbing. To balance things out, it also is known for quaint coffee houses to take off the chill.

The province has also gained popularity and growth recently due to its improved infrastructure and natural resources, most of which are fruits and vegetables.

Although Mendoza city is the focal point of the province, it provides easy access to many of the surrounding points of interest which can be visited on day tours and arranged through most hotels.