Things to do in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Evita Museum exhibitBuenos Aires, Argentina: Iglesia del PilarBuenos Aires, Argentina: Manzana de las Luces StreetBuenos Aires, Argentina: Palermo Viejo neighborhoodBuenos Aires, Argentina: Plaza FranciaBuenos Aires, Argentina: Plaza SerranoBuenos Aires, Argentina: Recoleta CemeteryBuenos Aires, Argentina: Tango dancing at San Telmo fair

The city of Buenos Aires in Argentina is divided into several districts. If short on time, it would be good for tourists to concentrate on the most popular ones. 


Recoleta is an expensive area of the city where many high-end establishments can be found. One of the must-see points of interest in Buenos Aires is the Cemitário da Recoleta where many famous people are buried including Evita Perón. The artwork within the cemetery is also fantastic. Beside it is Iglesia del Pilar, which is a beautiful historical church. Plaza Francia, just outside the cemetery, holds a weekend fair with local products and souvenir items.


The Palermo district is sub-divided into different neighborhoods. Palermo-Viejo is a hip, artsy area with nice restaurant, stores and bars. It is usually filled with tourists and has an active nightlife. Plaza Serrano also holds a nightly fair with items from local artisans and fashion designers. The district has several museums such as the Evita Museum, Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sívori and Museo de Arte Lationamericano de Buenos Aires.

San Telmo

San Telmo is a historical district with many old buildings and streets. Manzana de las Luces, or the "Illuminated Block," is home to important institutions that date as far back as the 1600s. These can be explored via underground tunnels that connect every building. Tourists also go to San Telmo to experience dancing the tango. Tango San Telmo offers a combination of dinner, performance and dancing.

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