Nightlife in Kabul, Afghanistan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

The nightlife in Kabul is not what it used to be because of the wars.

However, it is not entirely dead since there are some places where you can go and still have fun.

The Cherry Berry is a self-service frozen yoghurt bar where people go to grab a cup of frozen yoghurt. The bar has two floors: the second floor is mostly filled with men who sit, chatting and eating the yoghurt. The first floor is usually filled with women and families since there is a family area. The average single serving at the Cherry Berry is $4.80.

Near the Cherry Berry is Strikers bowling alley. The cost for a lane for one hour is $30. Here you can also have pizza or burgers. 

The Blue Flame restaurant is popular with the younger people. The reason for that is its outdoor dining, but most it is the fresh, high-quality hookah they offer.

The lastest addition in Kabul is the Kabul Karaoke. It is a buffer-style restaurant with a backroom where you can sing loudly the greatest hits. This place serves fresh juices and energy drinks. There is no alcohol since it is illegal.

Even though the nightlife in Kabul is nothing compared to the nightlife in the European countries, you can still have a great time at some of the places that can be found in Kabul.