Kabul, Afghanistan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Kabul became the capital city of Afghanistan in 1776. It is currently going through renovation and development because of the damages that happened upon in the 1979-2001 wars. But, despite the modernization that it is undergoing, it is still a historic city that is about 4,000 years old. The city is divided into 18 sections. 

Transportation in and around Kabul

Getting in Kabul is not that hard, especially if you decide to do it by plane via the Kabul International Airport. You will need to get a foreigner registration card if you are not from Afghanistan. The card is free. There are a lot of international carriers and destinations that use the Kabul International Airport. Another way to get in Kabul is by car from a couple of highways. If you decide to take either one of the highways make sure that you are safe. Another way to get in Kabul is by bus via a private company. However, keep in mind that safety in this cases is a little bit of a problem.

Once in Kabul there are also a couple of ways to get around the city. You can do that by the Millie Bus which has a lot of routes around Kabul. This bus is less comfortable and slower than a taxi. So, a better way to get around the city by taxi. There are a lot of taxis available around Kabul. Make sure that you bargain for a fair price. There is also a private taxi company that operates in Kabul and this is considered to be the safest way around the city. There are a not many car-rental companies in Kabul. The city is pretty walkable so you can get around it on foot as well. Just make sure that you keep yourself safe. 

Explore Kabul

Since it is a pretty old city, Kabul has a lot of things to be seen. Be sure to visit the best attractions of the city because they are amazing. One amazing thing to see is Bagh-e Babur, also known as the Gardens of Babur. They surround the tomb of the first Mughal Emperor Babur, but he wasn't buried here in the end. It is a great place for picnics and relaxing. The National Museum of Afghanistan is a must-see. It was once the home to the largest collections of Central Asian artifacts, but many of these were stolen during the Taliban rule. However, some of these items are being returned through auctions. It holds impressive Buddhist and Islamic artifacts. When it comes to natural things, Lake Qargha is definitely a place to visit. You can swim and boat in this lake, or grab a bite to eat at the restaurant beside it.