Ayutthaya, Thailand: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Ayutthaya is located about 80 kilometers north of Bangkok.Its full name is Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. It is filled with a rich historical background. It was the capital of the Thai Empire and the center of trade since 1350. It is the most prosperous city in Southeast Asia in the 17th century with three palaces and 400 temples threaded by canals. In 1767, the Kingdom of Ayutthaya was conquered and was completely destroyed by the Burmese. Nowadays, the ruins remain and some are restores, granting it to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is now known as the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park featuring palaces, Buddhist temples, monasteries, and statues. Thai history is well reflected in this place. For visitors who are still hungry to learn the history of the city, Ayutthaya Historical Study Center is a recommended place to visit. Ayutthaya also boasts its temples, museums, markets and foreign settlements. With these attractions, there are plenty of things to do around the city. The city can be visited in a daytrip, but to completely appreciate the historical place, an overnight stay will be advisable. The city is also fascinating at night especially when you pass the illuminated Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park. The nightlife is not bustling and vibrant. There is nothing much to do at night aside from having few beers at the Farang Street. For an overnight stay, the city offers accommodations; both luxurious and budgeted stay. Tours and excursions to the places at the outskirts of Ayutthaya are also available as some hotels has a ticket and tour assistance.

Get In Ayutthaya

To reach Ayutthaya, visitors can catch a bus or a train. For a cheaper yet scenic way to get in Ayutthaya, taking the train is advisable. It departs from the Bangkok Hualamphong Train Station. Price ranges from 240 baht – 350 baht for the second class ride and 15 baht – 20 baht for the third class ride. The train station is across the river. There are boat ferries available to take visitors to the island for 5 baht and there are also tuktuks waiting at the train station for 60 baht. Another option would be taking a bus. From Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal, there are ordinary buses for 30 baht and air-conditioned buses for 50 baht. Minibuses/vans are also available from the Victory Monument station for 60 baht. Upon reaching Ayutthaya, there are plenty of modes of transport to get around the city; tuktuks, songthaew, and others.