Sri Lank -Kandy

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Kandy is a major city in Sri Lanka that is situated in the central province. Kandy is also the second largest city that comes after Colombo and it physically lies in the Kandy plateau. This city performs both religious and administrative purposes because it is the capital of the central province. In 1988, UNESCO declared Kandy as the world heritage spot by being the home town of ‘temple of tooth’.


The origin of the name candy given to this city has been argued by different scholars. Some scholars argued that the original name of candy was Katubulu while others say that it was firstly known as Senkadagala. However, the true origin of the name Kandy can be traced in the history of the Portuguese. The Portuguese used the name ‘Candea’ which means the ‘great city’ when translated to English.

Location and climate

Kandy is geographically located in a thick forested mountainous island and it is surrounded by two mountains; Hanthana and Knuckles. This city is also close to Lake Kandy. The city experiences tropical rainforest climate which is characterized by wet and cool temperature throughout the year. From April to December, Kandy experiences a relatively dry season. The weather of this city is unstable from May to June, a time when it experiences monsoon period of the year. The period between March and May is also characterized by slight rain and heavy humidity.

Some of the communities living in Kandy include Tamils and Moors. This city is also important to the Buddhists because it is their religious center. Other churches that are found in Kandy include the catholic diocese.