Haputale, Sri Lanka: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Haputale is a town governed by an Urban Council; the town is standing on top of a hill that is 1400 meters high from sea level. Due to this there are many scenic lookouts around the town. It is surrounded by lush green forests and tea plantations. There is also a historic monastery and a waterfall around the town.

Places to Visit

Adisham Monastery

The monastery or Adisham Hall is built in 1931 and previously owned by Sir Thomas Lester Villiers. After passing through the hands of many owners right now the monastery is owned by Roman Catholic Church and Hall is converted into a monastery. Monastery’s cottage gardens have a western style and attract many travelers today. The library and the living room inside are open to public. The library contains many old books and ancient tomes. The hall contains a local shop which sells products from the gardens.

Dambatenne Tea Factory

Dambatenne Tea Factory is estabished in 1890 by none other than Thomas Lipton himself. The factory, aside from being a historical landmark, also serves an educational purpose as travellers can experience the tea making processes first-hand such as fermentation, drying and grading of teas. Although there are no local shops to buy souvenirs, you can buy Dambatenne Teas there.

Lipton’s Seat

As the town and its surroundings have a high elevation, there are many scenic lookouts around. One of these lookouts are near the Dambatenne Tea Factory, called Lipton’s Seat. In order to reach the lookout, you have to take a path through the plantation and progress approximately 5 kilometers from the factory, mind that the elevation of the path increases as you progress, it is just like climbing stairs albeit a long one.

Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma waterfall is approximately 220 meters high and it’s Sri Lanka’s one of the tallest waterfalls. The waterfall has one, massive drop, and a river of water starting from underneath of the fall. As the water falls into a rock formation, it’s not possible to dive from the waterfall. The river that emerges from the waterfall is clean and one can swim inside and enjoy the lush green scenery and nature.