Slovenia, Ljubljana

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 It is Slovenia’s capital and largest city. Moreover, it’s one of Europe’s greenest capitals. Ljubljana is awarded by the European Commission with the coveted Green Capital of Eruope title for 2016. There’s no world famous attractions so it is possible to live like a local during the visit. Although it’s tiny, there are plenty of attractions and activities. There is no car traffic in the centre. During the summer, the cafes set up terrace along the river which flows through the center of town, past Baroque buildings. The new  and modern part of the city is mostly at the west of the river while the old city and castle lie on the east side.

The five thousand year history is well preserved in Ljubljana such as the remains of the Roman city of Emona and the old city centre with its medieval castle, Baroque façades etc. On the other hand, there are picturesque bridges across the river. It’s also the city of culture. There are 10,000 cultural events each year changes from musical to art events which includes 14 international events.

The city is like the mixture of two different features with the combination of its historical heritage and modern lifestyle. The offical language in the city is Slovenian however, most people know how to speak English and also there are people who lives near the Austrian and Italian borders also speak German and Italian.