Ipoh, Malaysia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Ipoh is the capital city of the state of Perak in the Northern Region of Malaysia. It is the third largest city in the country with an area of 643 square kilometers and a population of 710,000. The city is the main gateway to the Cameron Highlands. The state of Perak, especially its capital city, was known to be one of the world's former richest mining areas and the birth place of Malaysia's rubber industry. With Ipoh's rich historical and cultural heritage, it has several nicknames: The Town Built on Tin and City of Millionaires that refers to the fortune and wealth of the city during the boom of the tin-mining industry; Paloh, a name called by the Chinese people that means large mining pumps; The Bougainvillea City that pertains to the bougainvillea as the flower symbol of the city; and The City Hill because of the vast hills surrounding the city.

Ipoh is one of the last remaining urban centers that retained its colonial architectures attracting most of the tourists because of its cultural and historical heritage. The Old Town is filled with historical buildings and religious sites. Aside from the Old Town, the city is also an urban center of modern attractions like theme parks. There's always plenty of things to do in Ipoh. When the sun sets, the city turns into an area of entertainment and nightlife. There is a good number of bars and clubs in the city, mainly at Bandar Baru Medan and Greentown Business Center. For travelers that want to spend several days in Ipoh, there is a large array of hotels from luxury to budget hotels that provide accommodation. These hotels feature a lot of great amenities including tours and excursions assistance that is either hosted by the hotel or an affiliated tour company.



Get In

If planning to arrive by plane, the only airport is the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport. It caters airlines like Firefly, Tigerair, and Malindo Air that operate flights from Singapore. There are also flights from Medan, Indonesia that are catered. Locally, the Malaysian Airlines always have flights from Kuala Lumpur. From the airport, there are prepaid taxis that could take visitors to their hotels and other destinations.

Another way to get in is by train. There are railway services to the north until Butterworth, Penang and to the south until Singapore via Kuala Lumpur. From Kuala Lumpur, the fare ranges from 12 RM to 30 RM for the old diesel trains and 25 RM to 35 RM for the new electric trains that both depend on the classes.

There is also a bus terminal in Ipoh, the Terminal Amanjaya. It has routes to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Penang. The Transnasional, Plusliner, and Star Shuttle are the common bus services that are proven reliable and safe.

From the airport, the train station, and the terminal, there are public transport that could take the visitors to the city center. Public transport and rentals are the means of getting around Ipoh.