Pakse, Laos: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Pakse is the capital city of the Champasak province. It is located in Southern Laos. The city is the fourth biggest one in the country which is why it is a major transport and commerce place for Southern Laos. It is an ideal place if you just want to relax on the shore of the Mekong and Sedone Rivers. The locals are very friendly. The city is filled with great riverside restaurants and bars. There are also a lot of massage clinics.

Transportation in and around Pakse

There are a couple of ways by which you can get in Pakse. Your first option is by plane via the Paks International Airport. The airport is located about 8km away from the city. There are flights to and from Vientiane, Siem Reap, Savannakhet, Ho chi minh city, and Bangkok. You can book tickets at the airport, through a travel agency, or online. Just keep in mind that you will need to acquire a visa before getting in Pakse. If you want to extend your visa you can do that at the police station. Another way to get in Pakse is by boat. You can arrange a private slow boat to Don Khong from the hotels or travel agents. There is also an ad-hoc boat service in Champasak. The last option of getting in Pakse is by bus. There are 4 bus stations in Pakse. Buses come from and to Vientiane, Ubon Ratchatani, Bangkok, and other places.

The best way to get around Pakse is on foot. Almost all of the places that you would like to visit are at a walking distance. If you want to visit something that is further away you can get a tuk-tuk or you could rent a motorbike. 

Explore Pakse

Pakse is an amazing city with many interesting and beautiful places that one should visit. The largest and the most beautiful temple in Pakse is Wat Luang. This wat is also the home of a Buddhist Monk School. If you want to see a monk alm giving ceremony then this is the right place. The oldest and the biggest temple in Pakse is Wat Phabad. This place is believed to have a Budda footprint. One should also visit the Big Buddha temple complex. This temple also offers an amazing view of the river and the city.