Champasak, Laos: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Champasak is the capital of the Champasak province in Laos.

Champasak is actually a village on the bank of the Mekong river. It has been the capital since late in the 20th century.

Transportation in and around Champasak

There are two ways to get in Champasak. One way is by a boat from Pakse. The ride lasts about two and a half hours. The other way is by bus also from Pakse. The trip lasts less than an hour because of the new road that was built between the city and the village. The bus from Pakse leaves until 3 pm.

Since Champasak is a small village the best way to get around in on foot.

Explore Champasak

Even though it is small there are some interesting things that you can see in the village, and especially in it surroundings. In it you can see the former residence of the King of Champasak. Champasak also has a great spa and the prices are reasonable. It is western-oriented, massages, hot tea and friendly staff. When it comes to the surroundings of Champasak you should visit Don Daeng. It is a massive island in the middle of the river just across Champasak. But, the best place that you can visit around Champasak is Wat Phu, It is an amazing Khmer temple with an incredible layout.