Almaty, Kazakhstan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Almaty is the biggest city in Kazakhstan. It used to be the capital until it was replaced with Astana in 1998.

Get in and around Almaty

The easiest way to get into Almaty is by plane, but you must make sure that you have acquired a visa before traveling to Almaty. There are also two railway stations in Almaty so you can also take the train. There is also the option to get in Almaty by bus. Once you are in Almaty there are a several means with which you can get around it. You can take the metro, trams, buses or trolleys or you can always get a taxi.

Explore Almaty

As the biggest city in Kazakhstan, there are a lot of things to be seen in Almaty. If you want to get in touch and learn more about the history of Kazakhstan then you definitely need to visit the National Museum. You can also see the Presidential Palace although you cannot get inside. If you want to enjoy nature and just walk around you can go to the 28 Panfilov Heroes Memorial Park where you will find the 'eternal flame' in honour of the men who died in the WWII. Or you can also take a walk along the Arbat where the Silk Way Mall is located if you want to go shopping. If you are a fan of sports you can see the Medeu which is the highest Olympic sized ice stadium. And if you love chocolate then you can go on a tour around the chocolate factory in Almaty.

All in all, even if it is not the capital of Kazakhstan anymore, Almaty is still one of the most amazing cities in Kazakhstan which definitely deserves a visit.