Kuta, Bali, Indonesia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Kuta is a beach and resort area located at the southern tip of Bali, Indonesia. This was the first place in Bali to become a tourist destination and is mostly frequented by tourists from Australia which is not too far away, Indonesians from Jakarta, residents in Singapore, and tourists from Japan mainly. Western tourism is also a large portion of the visitors to Kuta. It is best known for its Indian Ocean beachfront, a popular spot for surfing. As a popular surfing spot due to its consistent waves, there is a great number of outfitters offering board rentals and surf lessons to beginners. Ocean surfing and the party-centric atmosphere of Kuta attracts the young tourists. However, here are places in and around Kuta that cater to people with other tastes. Other things that can be viewed in Kuta are the lush vegetation and rice paddies. A photographic tour can be done in the local parks and for a minimum amount of money one can rent a moped and ride around the area if it is not raining. is known as the Island of the Gods and one can visit ancient temples covered in green moss with a mysterious atmosphere redolent of ancient rituals.



Kuta is an eminently touristic destination and as such, there are not too many things one can do. Bali is famed for its vibrant nightlife, active surfing community, tourist friendly local population and sparkling white sandy beaches, and all of these are featured in Kuta. Along the beach are restaurants, bars, resorts, and hotels. As the number of tourists increases, the number of hotels also increases ranging from luxury hotels to budget hotels. These hotels are even offering tours and excursions to the nearby places, or somehow affiliated to some tour operators and can provide assistance.