Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia. Also, once known as the "Pearl of Asia,” this is Cambodia's economic, political, industrial, and cultural center making it the nation’s wealthiest and most populous city. It is located at the confluence of three rivers, the Mekong River, the Basaac River, and the Tonle Sap. It is the wealthiest and most populous city in Cambodia. The city is known to have the most beautiful and historical architectures in the country. This includes the Royal Palace, the Silver Pagoda, the National Museum, the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, and Wat Phnom.

With the city’s wondrous architectures, tourists frequently visit the city. There are a lot of things to do in Phnom Penh. It is cheaper compare to the rest of the world. As the sun sets, Phnom Penh transforms into a lively and bustling party destination. There are a lot of good bars and pubs all over the city to enjoy the nightlife. As the number of tourists rises, the establishments built also increases including restaurants, malls, and hotels. If one day in Phnom Penh is not enough, then might as well stay in one of its hotels. There are a lot of places that provides accommodation in Phnom Penh. From the luxury hotels to the cheap places to stay, there's a place for everyone. After the long exploration of Phnom Penh, it is recommended to take tours and excursions to the places at the outskirts of the city. Tour companies and hotels can help tourists book their tours.



Get In

Phnom Penh can be reached by domestic and international flights, overland, and speedboat from provinces nearby. One of the main international airports in Cambodia is housed in the city, Phnom Penh International Airport. There are direct flights from the rest of the countries in Southeast Asia along with South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Qatar. Some airlines that operates between these countries and Cambodia are Air-Asia, Jetair Asia, Asiana Airlines, Cebu Pacific Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Dragonair, Korean Air, and others.

Once in the city, it is easy to get around as there are plenty of public transport that roam around the city. There are also car rentals and tours available for a convenient way of getting around.