Bonito, Brazil: Travel/Tourist Guide

Bonito, Brazil: Abismo AnhumasBonito, Brazil: Blue Lake CaveBonito, Brazil: Blue watersBonito, Brazil: Circuito ArvorismoBonito, Brazil: Horseback-riding through the plainsBonito, Brazil: White water raftingBonito, Brazil: Aerial view

Bonito is a city in the Mato Grosso do Sul state of Brazil. It is considered as a good eco-tourism destination. The region also known as the Caribbean of the Central West or "Caribe do Centro-Oeste" because of its very blue waters. Rivers pass through the large amount of limestone in the soil resulting in the clearest waters in the world. The high calcium content allows highly diverse plant and animal species to thrive.

Getting There

The government has imposed strict limitations on the number of visitors into the region. Tours must be booked with authorized tourist agencies. Making plans at the last minute is not advisable.

Visitors can take a bus from Campo Grande. Cruzeiro do Sul is the only bus company with trips to Bonito. Operations run everyday from Monday to Saturday except on holidays and Sundays. Hotels also have vans that can transport guests from the airport. The airport has flights by Tam and Trip with direct flights from São Paulo, Campinas and Campo Grande. Schedules are irregular, so it is good to book in advance.


There are many popular tours in Bonito. Abismo Anhumas is a cave with an underground lake that explorers can rapel down to and dive in to see its infamous underwater stalagmites. Blue Lake Cave or "Gruta do Lago Azul" is one of the world's biggest flooded caves with a descent of 100 meters and a depth of 90 meters. Circuito Arvorismo is a series of suspended walkways through trees with heights of up to 30 meters.