Belém, Brazil: Travel/Tourist Guide

Belém, Brazil: The Amazon BioparkBelém, Brazil: Cathedral of BelémBelém, Brazil: City and coastlineBelém, Brazil: Corpus Christi Holiday celebrationsBelém, Brazil: Boats at the dockBelém, Brazil: Estação das Docas ComplexBelém, Brazil:Belém International AirportBelém, Brazil: Ver-o-Peso Market at night

Belém is the largest and capital city of Pará state in the North region of Brazil. Its name is a translation of the Biblical town of Bethlehem where Jesus Christ was born. It is located at the opening of the Amazon river along the banks of the Bay of Guajará. The former Portuguese colony is now a mix of colonial and modern architecture, which has earned it the moniker "Metropolis of the Brazilian Amazon."

Getting There

It is a busy gateway city with a port, bus station, and Belém International Airport. Travelers arriving boat can take a route down the Amazon river, especially for those coming from Manaus, Macapá or Santarém. The bus terminal near the city center has lines from major Brazilian cities though travel times can be quite long ranging from half a day to two days. The nearest city would be São Luís. The airport also serves international flights from Georgetown, Paramaribo and Miami, and domestic flights from Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza and Manaus.

Climate and Geography

The city has a tropical rainforest climate with no dry season throughout the year. Daily temperatures average at 26 degrees Celsius. This climate is suitable for the growth of lush vegetation characteristic of tropical rainforest. As such, most of Belém is comprised of the Amazon Jungle.


The Amazon Biopark Zoo is located in the Tenoné neighborhood where it is surrounded by the landscape of the Amazon. There is a large zoo, a safari and a paleontology museum. 

The Estação das Docas Complex was reconstructed from the old Pará Docks Company warehouses. It includes food establishments, stores and an auditorium.

The Ver-o-Peso Market was created in 1688 by the Portuguese. It is currently a vibrant open market with two thousand vendors and stalls.