Bahrain: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

The Kingdom of Bahrain is located in the Middle East and it represents and archipelago in the Persian Gulf. It borders with Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The capital of Bahrain is Manama. Bahrain is a popular tourist destination because it has unique "Arabness", but it doesn't have the strict Islamic law. The people here are very social and the city is very modernized.

When it comes to attractions there are a lot of places worth visiting if you ever find yourself in Bahrain. There are a couple of forts which are pretty amazing and which convey the old architecture of the nation there. There are also a lot of museums where through the artifacts one can sense and connect with the history of Bahrain. There are also a number of remarkable burial grounds and famous houses. Another thing that is definitely worth seeing is the Tree of Life.

thumb Bahrain-Manama-Capital-Citythumb Bahrain-King-Fahd-Causewaythumb Bahrain-National-Museumthumb Bahrain Arad Fortthumb Bahrain-Qalat-al-Bahrain-Fortthumb Bahrain-Riffa-fortthumb Bahrain-al-fateh-grand-mosquethumb Bahrain-Tree-Of-Life