Graz, Austria: Travel / Tourist Information Guide

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Graz is the capital of the state of Styria and it is the second largest city in Austria next to Vienna. It has a rich history in education as it homes six universities. During the Roman times, a small fort was built and today, it is the city centre or the Old Town of Graz which is preserved until the present time. With its countless sights and attractions, the Old Town of Graz was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are historical and modern sights and attractions in Graz. The main attraction is the Schlossberg (Schloßberg); a castle that is perched upon a hill in the middle of the city. On top of this lies the Clock Tower. It is the landmark and the symbol of Graz. Another castle is the Schloss Eggenberg, an early Baroque architecture. Another Baroque architecture is the Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II, which is boasting impressive interior decor. Next to it is the Cathedral of Graz. Other exciting places to visit are the Glockenspiel and the Island in the Mur. With the sights and attractions, there are plenty of things to do in the city like climbing the Schlossberg or using the lift going up at Schlossbergplatz. Another thing that makes Graz famous is the fact that it's the birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous actor and a former Governor of California. There are other things to do other than taking the day trips inside the city. Tours and excursions to places outside the city like the Adventure Park and the Burg Rabenstein. The city also offers dancing and nightlife with bars and pubs like the Fledermaus and Postgarage. With all the activities in the city from day to night, the city offersaccommodation; luxury and budgeted. There is always something for everyone.



Get In

If planning to get in by a plane, Graz Airport is catering both domestic and international flights. Another option is arrving by a train. The main station is located at the western edge of the city centre. There are trains from Vienna every hour. If planning to use a bus, so far Graz has no dedicated bus terminal but there are buses like Eurolines that services to Graz. From the airport, train stations and bus services, there are taxis and other form of public transport to take tourists to the city centre and in getting around the city.