Eisenstadt, Austria: Travel / Tourist Information Guide

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Eisenstadt is the capital city of Burgenland, one of the nine states of Austria. It is situated at the foot of Leitha Mountains. It is housing the Schloss Esterházy; a palace that was buit for the Hungarian noble family during the Hapsburg Monarchy. Some highlights of a visit in Eisenstadt aside from the palace are the Haydn Church, Haydn House, and St. Martin's Cathedral or the Palace Park. It has two subdivisions: Kleinhöflein and St. Georgen. Kleinhöflein lies at the western part of the city boasting its wine growing community. It is also the home of the 15th century gothic church consecrated to St. Vitus that holds an annual parish fair every end of June at each year. On the other hand, St. Georgen is situated at the east and also called as "Grinzing of Eisenstadt". It's famous for their Heurig; inns that serve wines made by the vintners. It is also housing the Attila's Rock; a 1st century C.E. Roman tombstone. There are are a lot of things to do in this city including sports, shopping, dining, and drinking. There are also hiking, cycling, mountainbiking, and tours and excursions to the castles and palaces and to the Lake Neusiedl. There are only few bars and clubs in the city for a nice nightlife including James Dean Tanzbar; the only dance club in the city. For a place to stay, there are luxury hotels and some budget hotels and guesthouses that are near the city for accommodation.



Get In

If planning to get in by plane, the Vienna International Airport would be the best option. It is only an hour away from Vienna. There are also trains available at some stations in Vienna going to Eisenstadt. It has an hourly schedule via Wulkaprodersdorf. There are also private cars and minivans that a tour company offers for a day trip to this city. A taxi from Vienna is also an another option for it's only a 60-minute drive away. Inside the city, there are several modes of public transport available in getting around.